Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2022





Virgil Was Here

Louis Vuitton's Tribute to Virgil Abloh
Spring Summer 2022

The remarkable Louis Vuitton fashion presentation during Art Miami was a melancholy affair. Deemed a celebration for the life and legacy of the Louis Vuitton men’s artistic director Virgil Abloh, who passed away only days before, the show was a free association of wonderment, unbridled creativity, cultural appropriation, disruption, and seamless assuredness. It is clear that Abloh recognized that we are in an era of profound reorganization of art, culture, gender, currency, expression, freedom, and repression. Abloh often drew inspiration from the Rave culture’s free expression, acceptance, abandon. He incorporated those tenets to question gender archetypes, embrace diversity, and focus on free expression. Emboldened with Louis Vuitton logos, or not, Abloh’s designs possed his distinct signature while magnifying Vuitton’s standing in the world of luxury. Michael Burke, Chairman. and CEO at Louis Vuitton, stated that Abloh was “one of the best cultural communicators of our times,” in his official statement after Abloh’s too early transition. Within his LV universe, Abloh’s creativity was a complex re-imaging of staples like suits, outerwear, sportswear. and street-style all finessed with imagination and relevant timely cultural commentary. The Miami show was entitled “Virgil Was Here,” – which will certainly become an idiom in the fashion world for years to come. Louis Vuitton.