Michael Kors SS 24


Michael Kors Spring Summer 2024

Holiday In Capri

For his Spring/Summer 2024 collection, Michael Kors sought to capture the essence of holidays, a respite from a world often fraught with uncertainty. Embracing a concept he termed “barefoot glamour,” Kors envisioned fashion that exuded playfulness and a relaxed demeanor, drawing inspiration from timeless icons like Jane Birkin, Jackie Kennedy, and Sharon Tate in their carefree moments on the shores of Capri. This collection was a celebration of an enduring style that transcends decades.
The garments reflected the magic of Capri, featuring breezy silhouettes, vibrant hues, and a mix of elevated and floor-grazing hemlines. Translucency and transparency lent an air of freshness and movement to the pieces.







Barefoot Glamour

The show’s locale at Domino Park in Brooklyn, with its picturesque view of the river and city skyline, was chosen to evoke the allure of waterfront escapes. Kors marveled at New York’s maritime character, highlighting the city’s often overlooked connection to the water. In his eyes, Brooklyn became the new embodiment of Capri, offering a similar sense of coastal elegance.
The collection was a medley of lace dresses, diaphanous kaftans, versatile swimsuits designed to integrate into fall ensembles and cozy post-beach sweaters. Notably, all footwear featured flat soles, challenging outdated norms in formal attire. Kors boldly expressed a desire for events like the Academy Awards to embrace the comfort and style of flats. In a world marked by turmoil, Kors’ Spring/Summer 2024 line served as a luminous reminder of the enduring allure of holidays—a beacon of optimism and an invitation to revel in the transformative power of fashion.