Moncler Grenoble F/W24

In an instant, we discovered ourselves amidst the enchanting woods of St. Moritz, completely immersed in the breathtaking beauty of nature. As we breathed in harmony with the elements, we found ourselves transported to a winter wonderland, akin to a fairy tale setting. Here, in the heart of the forest, Moncler Grenoble unfolds its distinct identity and ethos, inviting us to savor a truly magical experience amid the trees.

Moncler Grenoble’s designs effortlessly blend into the serene yet distinctive winter landscape, mirroring the delicate tones of snow and ice alongside the warm hues of trees. When night falls, the true intricacy of the garments is revealed. Traditional quilt patterns grace technical jackets and sheepskin accents, creating a visual tapestry reminiscent of Aran knit stitches on ski jackets. Duvets take on a knitted form, incorporating strands of virgin wool and alpaca for a luxuriously voluminous texture. The unexpected becomes the norm as materials and functions converge – shirts transform into ski jackets, stitch embroideries, and maxi crochets adorn technical pieces, and laminated flannel becomes slope-ready. The collection showcases functional shapes, some generated by AI and refined by human engineering, resulting in bold volumes highlighted by a harmonious blend of diverse materials.


Style Always Influences Technique


From St. Moritz

Among the Moncler collection, Moncler Grenoble stays truest to the brand’s mountain heritage, embodying its authentic DNA with a focus on performance. Thanks to its advanced technical features, we gathered at the Clavadatsch Lodge,  to experience its capabilities. Seated outside in the forest, surrounded by the play of light on towering trees, the models walked a runway, capturing the essence of Moncler Grenoble in its natural environment.




In high altitudes, a vision of high-style

This captivating exhibition unfolded as an extraordinary spectacle, an unprecedented journey that transcended the ordinary. Elevating its uniqueness, the show embraced an avant-garde approach to sound, as the enchanting score resonated delicately through our headphones, weaving a tapestry of intimacy that immersed us in an unparalleled sensory encounter. The carefully curated soundtrack, intimately shared through personal audio channels, added an extra layer of enchantment to this already exceptional experience, creating a symphony that danced in harmony with the visual spectacle, etching memories that lingered in the depths of our consciousness.