By Daniel Lee



Detroit, the fashion capital of the US, was the location for the Spring Summer 2022 “Salon 03,” debut of the Bottega Veneta collection by Daniel Lee. In the fun, youthful collection of sportswear and of-the-moment workwear, a deep undercurrent of Detroit Techno style influenced the collection. The pants were full and droopy, neon colors popped, and knit ensembles matched from head to toe. Outwear glowed, much of it crafted with metal and metallic fabrics that can be altered and reshaped – to suit the vibe of the moment. The stunning deep-soled shoes and boots, an evolution from previous collections, we spot on amid the tracksuits, utility wear, suits, and jackets on the men. In this collection, Daniel Lee, born and raised in Leeds, the industrial capital of England, shares his “American style” via Detroit, the birthplace of techno – and America’s industrial capital. In his show notes Lee states, “There is momentum to the collection. It comes from a place of progress. It speaks to a joyful future. American sportswear and workwear are seen through a contemporary, high-performance daywear lens. A sense of individualism and freedom is expressed. A celebration of industry, engineering, and revolution run throughout in the form of metal yarn. A focus on technicality and function meets modern, liberated glamour. The manipulation and exaggeration of construction and volume are important.”
While workwear and hip hop have been cousins for a long while, it is exciting to see  Lee embrace the working class, elevate the style and bring it to near couture levels, via Detroit. Bottega Veneta.