ETRO Summer 2023



Etro Men Summer 2023

A Breezy, Energized Collection By Kean Etro

In his last collection for his family’s namesake line, Kean Etro presented a breezy, sensual, and sensitive 2023 summer collection for men. Kean Etro’s ease in creating multiple layers and melding inspiration from gentler influences like literature and poetry is never aggressive or haughty. Keen’s version of masculinity is cultured, delicate, daring, and alluringly assured.





Weightless and Lithe Masculinity

432 Hertz

In this collection, lightweight kimonos, wraps, kaftans, djellabas, and shirts billow, with the simplest forward movements. Shirts and summer sweaters are open widely at the neck, the deep V projecting the nonchalance of summer dressing. From linen and summer whites to the collection’s sunny midday brights colors transition to the darker hues of dusk and midnight. Patterns, stripes, and floral prints are layered in a complimentary, refined, and elegant manner.

Kean Etro overprinted his sparse floral prints with the number 432 Hertz – “The number indicating the frequency of the universe’s good vibrations…the frequency of beauty,” to energize the garments. Albeit the colors, the movement, or the flashes of tanned skin, this collection was indeed poetry in motion. ETRO.