Gucci Fall 2022




Exquisite Gucci Fall 2022

By Alessandro Michele

At Gucci, for Fall Winter 2022, Alessandro Michele’s alchemy was brilliant. Suits and the well-tailored ensemble ran supreme thought out the collection. While we are well past the idea that a suit for women register’s on the gender fluidity continuum, Michele’s subtle mix and matching of suiting staples pushed the needle in a modern way, and the suits in the collection are truly unisex. For women, revealed bras under lace layers were emboldened, most effective when overlaid with generously oversized faux fur coats. Overcoats fostered the most cohesion this season ranging from metallic to studded scarf prints, richly complex weaves, and energetic animal prints. When worn, in the show, the coats capped and complimented both the complex layering or simple Tee, or bra top underneath.

In the show notes Michele says “Clothes are capable of reflecting our image in an expanded and transfigured dimension… wearing them means to cross a transformative threshold where we become something else.”

Collaboration with Adidas also brought transformation to the collection, adding an edge that harkens back to the 1990’s brand-obsessed streetwear trend. Yet, Michele’s touch makes it fresh, emblazoned with the Gucci logo and Adidas logo branding, suits and dresses cross categorization with cool. The collection is youthful, vibrant, and two times trendy with the addition of a double logo. Gucci.