New Defender OCTA


New Defender OCTA

Our First Look

Land Rover had our heads spinning with joy with the introduction of the Defender 130, but now, with the upcoming Defender OCTA, there’s something even more thrilling on the horizon. The Defender OCTA is the most powerful Defender ever, boasting an impressive 626 horsepower, propelling you from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds. This bold and tough Defender exudes a distinct character that says, “Don’t mess with me.”

The Defender OCTA is unlike anything else on and off the road, with an imposing presence and all-terrain focus that embodies a bold new attitude. It features 33-inch diameter tires, the largest ever fitted to a production Defender vehicle, including Goodyear Advanced All-Terrain Tires developed specifically for the OCTA model. This has required extended wheel arches, complementing off-road-optimized front bodywork with unique grille designs allowing greater under-bonnet airflow. The new rear bumper incorporates a four-exit active exhaust system, tough underbody protection, an aluminum alloy front under shield with a graphite finish, and exposed Phosphor Bronze-finished front and rear recovery points.




Welcome To British Tough luxury

Most Powerful Defender Ever

The Defender OCTA color palette includes two exclusive new premium metallic finishes: Petra Copper and Faroe Green, Carpathian Grey, and Charente Grey. All Defender OCTA models feature a contrast roof and tailgate in gloss Narvik Black. Clients can further personalize their vehicle with optional Matte Protective Film for added body protection in harsh environments, enhancing its sophisticated appearance and showcasing its distinctive silhouette and refined surfacing.

Faroe Green is exclusively available on the Defender OCTA Edition One, as is Chopped Carbon Fiber detailing. This highly distinctive finish, which includes recycled raw materials, is featured on the Defender. Additionally, the Defender OCTA sports a new encircled diamond graphic, including a gloss black diamond within a machined and sandblasted titanium disc on each Signature Graphic panel.



The Defender OCTA Edition One


New Level Off-Road Luxury

Bold In Power & Design

More details coming soon about the tough luxury of the Defender OCTA, as well as the Defender OCTA Edition One, available in the first year of production. The Edition One features a curated specification, finished in an exclusive new Faroe Green paint color with a Khaki and Ebony Ultrafabrics and seamless 3D Knit interior. It also includes new Chopped Carbon Fiber detailing and 20-inch forged alloy wheels with a choice of all-terrain or specially developed Advanced All-Terrain Tires. The Defender OCTA Edition One truly has it all.







Ken Panton With The Defender OCTA Edition One