Amiri SS 24




Amiri SS 2024
A Shift In Menswear

Designer Mike Amiri showed his spring summer 2024 collection for men at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, where models held flowers or wore floral pins made of leftover fabric on their shoulders or labels. Not only did the garden inspire the designer, but the influence of France, and more specifically, the south of France, the bicoastal summer destination of the Amiri man, facilitated a softening to the designer’s streetwear style while sparking a romance for bygone eras. With shapes and silhouettes of the tailored ’50s and the more relaxed ’90s combined, the designer found an elegant and new way forward, far from the beat of the street and the rock and roll ruin and skater chic of his most infamous collections. With ease and in earthen and sorbet tones, the models, in tweed and short sets, bouclés, generously pleated trousers, retro sweaters, and delicate prints brought a distinct ease to traditional French formality. With a quietness bouclés dotted with Swarovski crystals added cascading sparkle to some of the clothing, and exposed lining fabric hanging out shorts added a deconstructed modernism, even an elegance, that did not compromise the vibe. After seeing the seismic shift toward luxury streetwear at Louis Vuitton under the creative direction of Pharrell Williams, it is refreshing to see Los Angeles-based designer Mike Amiri’s move to a more-dressed, more worldly, and more refined way of self-expression.