Yojhi Yamamoto FW 23

Trek of the Nomad

At age 79, incomparable visionary Yojhi Yamamoto is looking back in time to inspire his Men’s collection for fall winter 2023. Mr. Yamamoto’s historical interpretation of the young émigré of “Mitteleuropa,” Eastern Europe and the Middle East exemplify a vagabond style beyond time and place, becoming nearly otherworldly. Luxe and regal fabrics like Japanese silk, regal velvets, and dark wool intermingle with carpet bag prints, ethnic prints, jacquards, and opulent flourishes of paint splatters.
The suit and specifically the blazer are essential layers for the designer. The most traditional blazers in the collection are long and thin. From wool stripes to romantic brocade velvets the blazers are just a single layer amid a traveler’s collection covered and matching or contrasting longer overcoats. Blazers with numerous cross ties are cinched from the chest downward alter the upper silhouette and are paired with voluminous blouson pants. With rounded edges, room to spare, a warmth in the blending of texture, color, and fabrics, and an ease of movement, is this Yamamoto nomadic collection signaling softer seasons ahead?