Louis Vuitton Men's SS 2025




Louis Vuitton Men's Spring Summer 2025

Encompassing Humanity

In a collection of over 80 meticulously accessorized looks, a designer can seamlessly blend trends, themes, concepts, materials, and logo embossing, earning praise for foresight and creativity. Creative Director Pharrell Williams of Louis Vuitton inherently understands that fashion, like music, is a universal unifying phenomenon.
For the Men’s Spring-Summer 2025 collection, models walked in an ombre procession of skin tones, from dark to light, mirroring the clothing and celebrating diversity, humanity, joy, beauty, and the brand’s core values of world travel and unmistakable style. This theme extended to the color palette, which evolved throughout the show, saving vibrant pops of color for later looks. Highlights included a translucent red jacket, a dusty pink bomber, and a colorful Damier pattern adorning various pieces, paying homage to Takashi Murakami’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Held on the rooftop of La Maison de l’UNESCO in Paris, the show highlighted Louis Vuitton’s discernment, craftsmanship, and passion for travel.





Creative Director Pharrell Williams

Global Archetypes

Logos, Damier patterns, prints including the “damoflage’, and a striking Damier-infused tartan, central to the brand, were used in innovative ways, enhancing patterns and designs rather than dominating them. The LV logo, subtly embossed or debossed into leather or denim, seamlessly integrated with the fabric, contributing to a sophisticated aesthetic.
This fresh take on the brand’s iconic symbols showcased the designer’s skill in reimagining classic elements. The integration of the logo within the fabric’s texture created a harmonious blend, emphasizing craftsmanship and attention to detail. The silhouettes evoke global traveler archetypes—pilots, diplomats, secret agents—enriching the collection’s story. In addition to sophisticated and relaxed silhouettes, the collection incorporated elements of sportswear. The LVFC (Louis Vuitton Football Club) pieces included sporty polos and jerseys with floral detailing and leather items constructed to resemble deflated soccer balls, emphasizing a playful yet luxurious approach. Pharrell’s flair for innovation dazzles with second-skin garments crafted from avant-garde materials that imitate animal hides.
Standout pieces included a jacket collar and beret band hand-embroidered in black-on-black tonal pins in the Damier check, and a white shirt and topcoat embroidered with a barely visible windowpane check fashioned from crystal and pearl. Pajama suits detailed with pearl piping added elegance to relaxed silhouettes.
This collection demonstrated Louis Vuitton’s ability to innovate while maintaining its heritage, offering a modern yet timeless appeal. Louis Vuitton.