Loewe Men’s FW 2024



Loewe Men’s FW 2024

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Loewe solidifies its status as an innovative and forward house with the debut of its Men’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection. Under the visionary guidance of Jonathan Anderson, this collection seamlessly merges art, pop culture, sensuality, neo-grunge, and a fashion-punk vibe with avant-garde fashion. Jonathan Anderson’s collaboration with Richard Hawkins, a professor of painting and drawing at the University of California, formed the foundation for the audacious Loewe collection. Hawkins’ multi-layered paintings, draw inspiration from pop culture, Greek and Roman iconography, and contemporary celebrity culture, facilitating a brilliant fusion of art and fashion. This collaboration mesmerizes with its aesthetic brilliance and challenges with a profound exploration of contemporary cultural intricacies.

The runway parade accentuates Anderson’s mastery in garment construction, showcasing meticulously crafted Loewe leather, shearling, and suede pieces, intertwined with chunky artisanal knits and captivating art-inspired designs. With essentials like jeans, shirts, sweatpants, and perhaps a few ‘accidentally’ forgotten shirts, the model’s outfits project an undeniably seductive allure.

Each ensemble unveils Anderson’s genius, strategically blending against bare torsos and exposed legs to seamlessly integrate “gestural” elements mirroring real-life dressing habits. This season, the collection introduces the provocative allure of unbuckled half-belts and coats adorned with cascading T-shirts, radiating undeniable elegance.




Every garment in the collection testifies to Anderson’s commitment to pushing fashion boundaries. From meticulously scaled leather coats to intricately beaded trousers and bags featuring Hawkins’ artwork, Anderson’s rebellious dedication to innovation has proved glorious. Embracing the fluidity of modern masculinity, a ‘one-piece’ ensemble signifies a departure from conventional definitions, With a spirited interpretation of youthful irreverence models confidently grace the runway in leather cargo pants, baseball sneakers, and checkered shirts.
The star-studded front row further elevated the spectacle, with luminaries like Jamie Dornan, Andrew Garfield, Nicholas Hoult, Zayn Malik, and Kit Connor adding to the allure. Notable contributions from celebrity ambassadors such as Josh O’Connor, Taeyong, Manu Rios, and Omar Apollo through video collages enhance the evening’s grandeur, rendering it an unforgettable convergence of fashion, art, and celebrity culture. Loewe.