Monse Fall Winter 2022

Deconstruct, Reveal, Slay

For fall 2022 Monse collection designers Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim’s intriguing deconstruction is tangent to the creative garbing of youthful calculated indifference. The designers DIY ‘conceal-and-reveal,’ often with the employ of evocative hook-and-eye closures, allow wears flexibility in the reveal, and thus tone and silhouette of the look. Equally evocative is the designers’ incorporation of corsets and corset lacing throughout the collection. With 4 feet, Garcia’s and Kim’s, firmly pointed forward the designers can look to the Tudor England, Paris wheatpaste posters torn to reveal printed layers below, and punk in this collection. Their stated ‘element of undressing’ reveals a sophisticated, yet refrained mixing of plaids, prints, tapestries, and florals anchored with solids. Definitively more punk and street than parlor rooms the designers create the hustle and flow of vibrancy, creativity, and street-sense style that is energetically cool. Monse.