Balmain SS 24



Balmain SS 24

Coming Up Roses

Olivier Rousteing skillfully pays homage to the legacy of Pierre Balmain in his captivating Spring/Summer 2024 women’s collection, where the designer continues to flourish with rosy allure. Seamlessly weaving together classic tailoring, iconic shoulder structures, and ethereal flinty dresses, Rousteing showcases a deep appreciation for the timeless elegance and feminine elan defining the essence of the Balmain house.
Throughout the collection, the nod to ‘that shoulder,’ a signature element in Balmain’s design history, adds a touch of recognition at the beginning of the show. Rousteing’s creative brilliance extends to delicate flinty dresses, many adorned with polka dots, a favorite motif of Monsieur Balmain. Luxurious fabrics capture the essence of feminine grace, creating a collection that resonates with a modern yet timeless allure.





Oliver Rousteing

Continues Heartfelt Homage To Pierre B

Roses take center stage as a prominent motif, seamlessly woven into the fabric of Rousteing’s vision. Meticulously crafted statement-making looks feature house-made bouquets constructed from diverse materials such as patent leather, rubber, latex, porcelain, and recycled plastic bottles. These unique rose creations serve as distinctive accents on a range of garments, including blazers, coats, mini dresses, rompers, and handbags.
On softer dresses and tops with polka dots, large rosettes provide a more wearable and versatile proposition, staying true to the founding designer’s aesthetic. Rousteing’s homage goes beyond replication, introducing flourishes inspired by nature—blending botanical and avian motifs. This infusion of organic elements adds both elegance and a hint of humor to the collection, showcasing Rousteing’s ability to balance tradition with innovation.
Oliver Rousteing’s homage to Pierre Balmain in the Spring/Summer 2024 women’s collection is a delightful celebration of the house’s timeless elegance and sophisticated charm. With a keen eye for detail, a touch of humor, and statement-making precision, Rousteing ensures that the spirit of Balmain continues to bloom with rosy allure on the fashion landscape. Balmain.