Prada Fall/Winter 2023



Fall/Winter 2023

by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons


It was clear that the theme of this runway presentation was a reconsideration, and ultimately rediscovering of beauty. Miuccia and Raf have determined that this collection is not by aesthetic but by action – the garments are signs and representations of the beauty of care, and love.

Through a redress of purpose, significance is afforded to clothing that expresses these fundamental values. Uniforms are sartorial representations of care and responsibility, transformed by utilizing the aesthetic language of evening wear. Wedding dresses, symbols of love, become everyday attire, their skirts proposed with sweaters as a new form of quotidian dress. This exchange, between the notion of the everyday and occasion wear, the familiar and the exceptional, gives a different importance to both.

Protection of the body through clothing suggests a tender concern, safekeeping. As such, Cocooning volumes re-shape classic tailored outerwear, proposed from the male wardrobe; down padding safeguards, warms. Leather and suede pieces draw inspiration from protective clothing. Flowers, tokens of affection, are simultaneously evocative of the craft of fashion, another gesture of care.