Gucci SS 2024




Gucci SS 24

The debut of Creative Director Sabato De Sarno with the Spring and Summer 2024 Gucci collection signifies a momentous transition for the renowned fashion house. Sarno, a seasoned insider celebrated for his contributions at Valentino, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana, brings a wealth of experience to shaping Gucci’s future aesthetic.
This pivotal juncture follows eight years under Alessandro Michele’s eccentric maximalism, akin to the transformative impact made by style luminary Tom Ford. Michele, like Ford, became a style supernova, imprinting an enduring mark on Gucci’s prestige and popularity. Each director’s era has etched a distinctive chapter in the narrative and fortune of this iconic fashion institution.
The shift from Michele to Sarno represents more than a change in leadership; it signals a new creative direction. Both Ford and Michele, in their respective times, pushed the boundaries of contemporary fashion, imprinting their unique styles on the industry. Their captivating collections mirrored evolving fashion trends and amplified the enduring relevance and utility of fashion in cultural narratives.





Gucci Ancora

Sarno’s inaugural Gucci collection for Spring Summer 2024, titled “Gucci Ancora,” departs from Michele’s style, embracing a modern and minimalistic aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from Tom Ford’s sensuality, the collection reintroduces a heightened sense of sexiness. Transparent lace and exposed legs seamlessly complement pieces, spanning from hoodies to leather jackets. The inclusion of short shorts and minis evokes the carefree femininity of the 1960s, embodying freedom, agency, and confidence.
Throughout the collection, Sarno demonstrates skillful weaving of thematic elements with verve. Deep Gucci Red leather is artfully paired with matching bra tops, a jersey hoodie, and an acid green duster, creating a visually cohesive narrative. The deliberate intermingling of materials, transitioning looks from casual to studied, adds an intriguing and expressive dimension to the pieces.
Sarno’s debut at Gucci is elegant and refined, coupled with a youthful and bold energy. The collection pays homage to the House’s century-old roots while remaining true to modern standards. In “Gucci Ancora,” Sarno successfully marries the brand’s heritage with a contemporary vision, creating a collection that resonates with sophistication and a forward-looking spirit. Gucci.