Todd Snyder Spring Summer 2024



Todd Snyder Spring/Summer 2024

Absolutely! The higher-waisted pants with a looser fit, combined with the addition of pleats, really bring out that 70s chic vibe in this new collection. It’s a refreshing take on relaxed elegance and luxury, drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of Hollywood’s golden era and the captivating beauty of Acapulco. The “La Playa” collection is a testament to Snyder’s expertise in crafting meticulously designed pieces that offer unparalleled comfort. It’s a journey through style and sophistication, showcasing a blend that Snyder has honed to perfection over the years.

The collaboration between Todd Snyder and Riccardo Bruni of Lyria Fabrics has given rise to a collection that speaks a truly global language of style. “We communicated through fabric and it was just unbelievable,” Todd remarked. They seamlessly merged elements of traditional attire with contemporary design, exemplified by the classic Guayabera shirt crafted in dobby cloth, a piece that effortlessly showcases the nuanced yet compelling results of their partnership.




According to Todd, “This collection aims to evoke an endless summer, where the breeze is warm, the cerveza is cold, and the soundtrack is Antônio Carlos Jobim.” He went on to describe the tunics with mandarin collars, leisure jackets, mesh tops, and self-belted pleated trousers, all paying homage to the classic resort wear of days gone by while drawing inspiration from the voluminous, unstructured silhouettes of the 1980s. He further challenged himself to imbue that ease with a touch of modern sophistication.
In Todd’s own words, this collection tells a “Tale of Two Shorts”: one, a knee-length, flat-front piece that exudes a dressy charm, and the other, a pleated design intended to hit mid-quad. Almost every piece in the collection pairs seamlessly with one of their new Intrecciato leather sandals, which adds an interesting twist considering Todd had a Barcelona chair in Intrecciato leather on his mood board.