Off-White Resort 2024



Off-White Resort 2024

Journey Back From The Moon

‘Homecoming,’ the latest cosmic creation from Off-White, born from the ingenious mind of Ibrahim Kamara, emerges from the moon but also traverses dimensions, reminding us that Off-White continues to ascend in this new era, propelled by remarkable strides. This journey back from the moon is a whimsical voyage that dips into the past, gathers archival treasures, and embarks on a sartorial odyssey through the legacy of the maestro, Virgil Abloh.
Kamara, the visionary behind this spectacle, reflects, “This is a return to the very DNA of Off-White. And, I’ve infused it with a craving for American flair… Being an African native, I’ve interwoven an indigenous perspective into the American fabric.” Kamara, a seer who believes in staying rooted in one’s ideals and origins, guides this collection. He deftly pushes the boundaries of cultural realms, navigating life’s kaleidoscope while blending a diverse melange of curated references.
Minimalism has quietly settled within Off-White’s realm, evident in its latest creations. This aesthetic evolution is no ordinary tale, it is the narrative of a brand maturing into its prime. The logos have gracefully taken a step back, allowing uncluttered designs and opulent fabrics to take the forefront. Kamara skillfully melds sporty vibes,  hip-hop culture, the ’90s silhouettes, vibes from the Wild West, and influences from tattoo culture. This fusion exudes a cool essence while tailoring plays peek-a-boo with detachable sleeve bands, and in-your-face pieces like leather trench coats make a statement. Athleticism playfully flirts with couture, and in Kamara’s universe, the iconic number 23 becomes entwined with Resort Line 24.







By Ibrahim Kamara

This numeral, born from a dance with the Chicago Bulls, now echoes the glory of Michael Jordan, ready to be embraced by those sporting the collection’s basketball-inspired tank tops, supple leather tees, and iconic bomber jackets.
A monochrome symphony dominates the men’s array, punctuated by sporadic greens and oranges — brushstrokes of pop and nature these hues adorning two-piece bombers and leather shorts. This same palette weaves into a knitted waistcoat, intricately embroidered with architectural wonders of New York City, paying global homage to the brand’s worldly wanderings. Every stitch and fabric is imbued with the journey, a testament to Off-White’s cross-continental voyage over the years. Off White.