Chopova Lowena

Summer 2023

When Harry Styles, the first man to shine on the cover of American Vogue wore a Chopova Lowena carabiner kilt in the editorial spread that featured clothing from Gucci, Comme des Garcon Homme Plus, JW Anderson, Maison Margiela, Harris Reed, and other paragons of the avant-garde, it was just another asterisk addition to the extensive list of MAJOR celebs captivated with the innovative vibe from designers Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena. While a skirt does not make a legend, the Chopova Lowena kilt, attached by carabiners – mountain climbing clips to a wide leather belt refreshed the fashion thirsty with a fury. With the foundation being that of a well-crafted, classic kilt the designer’s flourish evokes unity with the symbolism of private school and woman’s sports uniforms glamorized with layers of pleated recycled taffeta, a nod to Chopova’s Bulgarian family heritage and lively fabrications.






Chopova Lowena's First Fashion Week Show

"We Think Of People"

The anticipation for Chopova Lowena’s first runway show, during London Fashions week, and lest we forget after the seemingly decade of covid-pause was high. The show – a visual extravaganza! Yes! The Chopova Lowena world is a marvelous place, warm and literally fuzzy at times, expressive, celebratory, free, fun, and statement-making. Note the hand-drawn graphic, contrasting and complimenting glorious prints, tinsel team vests, masterful layering of skirts and dresses over pants, and welcomed brand identity visible tattoos throughout. The spring/summer 2023 Chopova Lowena collection builds on their collected creative consciousness incorporating a fantasy take on the Bulgarian Rose Festival. Like their now infamous skirts, the designers create coveted statement pieces, with heart, soul, and wow factor so elegant, chic, and fun that they are instantly timeless. Chopova Lowena.


Designer Laura Lowena and Emma Chopova