Nia Archives

Silence Is Loud

Nia Archives stands out as a force of innovation and creativity in the vibrant world of jungle house music. With her debut album Silence Is Loud, she takes her listeners on an evocative journey through themes of love, loneliness, and the profound impact of silence.

Nia, known for her jungle roots, collaborates with producer Ethan P. Flynn, known for his work with FKA Twigs and David Byrne, to create a soundscape that pushes the boundaries of the genre. The album is a cohesive body of work, rich with emotion and sonic diversity, blending traditional jungle elements with fresh, experimental sounds.




The journey begins with “Unfinished Business,” a light and airy track that serves as a lyrical letter to herself, addressing a lover entangled in their past. This track, along with others like “Crowded Roomz” and the title track “Silence Is Loud,” weaves a thematic tapestry exploring the intense potential power of silence, relationships, family, and navigating one’s 20s. Nia’s storytelling extends beyond her music into visually captivating music videos. Her bravery in breaking genre rules and creating a deeply resonant work is as emotionally powerful as sonically innovative.

Nia’s influence extends to fashion and media, with features in campaigns for Corteiz, Nike, Burberry, and major magazines like British Vogue, GQ, and Pitchfork. Silence Is Loud is more than a collection of songs; it’s a declaration of Nia Archives’ place in the lineage of British dance music greats. Her ability to blend personal storytelling with innovative soundscapes makes this album a must-listen, marking her as a pioneer of jungle music and an artist unafraid to explore new territories.

Nia Archives, a 23-year-old musician from Bradford, UK, has swiftly risen in the music scene, earning accolades like an NME Award for Best Producer and a MOBO for Best Electronic Artist. Known for her vibrant DJ sets and live shows, Nia’s music blends the heavy bass of Jamaican soundsystem culture with the dark introspection of British indie, especially reviving the frenetic energy of jungle music. Nia Archives.