AMIRI MEN'S Summer 23


Amiri Summer 2023


The impossible is no match for menswear designer Mike Amiri. Since the inception of his own line AMIRI in 2014, the designer’s edgy interplay of streetwear and high fashion has been a notable competitor to the major men’s fashion brands. Amiri’s distinct take on men’s wear reflects his skater culture, Rock and Roll designer California roots. Entrenched in Rock and Roll the designer’s elaborate stage pieces for Axl Rose and Steven Tyler, created at the start of his fashion career are legendary.





Mike Amiri channels his youth

“that age when you felt that anything was possible.”

Many of the elements of his first collections, distressed denim, graphic t-shirts, and leather jackets, became signatures for his brand. Teetering the scales toward luxury has also been a signature of the brand. AMIRI is highly regarded for its quality craftsmanship and employment of premium materials.
In the AMIRI summer 2023 menswear show, presented at the Jardin Des Plantes in Paris, the warm breeze of a sun-drenched summer day, rippled throughout the collection. “In the West Coast sun, imagery blurs, outlines dance, and ideas born in fantasy are projected into tangible reality. Translating this atmosphere and sensibility, familiar tailoring lines melt, as does a rich palette of alabaster, dusty rose and azure blue – sun-faded, tones mix and fabrics become mirages that shimmer towards the light,” said the designer. Mesh, tie-dye, sun beach effect, convertible pants, lightweight wool, and layers of chiffon, soften and blurred both the palette and silhouette adding heatwaves of movement. While others may try, designer Mike Amiri owns the California aesthetic and he understands and caters to LA’s celebrity culture with ease. AMIRI.