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Balenciaga F/W 2021

Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow

LARPing (live-action role play) has taken a major leap forward, as game aviators took to the runway in the Men’s Fall/Winter Balenciaga fashion presentation. Creative Director Demna Gvasalia teamed up with Unreal Engine, the game developers at Epic Games, to create ‘Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow’ – an allegorical adventure video game. Complete with deck-out aviators and heroes who are projected in the battle to reach a better place in, all clad in Balenciaga fall 2021. Rather than creating elaborate fashion videos to replace the runway shows stopped by the COVID crisis Gvasalia’s melding of reality, virtual and actual, creates a moral tale of triumph, peace, and cultural environmental awareness. Creating this elaborate parallel universe is youthful in its appeal and prophetic in its delivery. Balenciaga