Audi S8



The New Audi S8

Confident Elegance

Joining the Audi A8 lineup for that person who doesn’t need but wants that something extra in their daily drive is a trend that Audi can handle. All the Audi S models give you that extra driver focus appeal but to bring that to the large flagship sedan is a task that not only the enginers was looking forward to and the design team could wait to let their design talents flow

The new Audi S8 is joining Audi’s impressive line of A8’s and offering drivers the tantalizing temptation of an added extra experience during their daily drives. While all the Audi’s S models provide an impressive driver focus experience for their handlers, both the design team and the engineers faced unique challenges in imparting the unique S experience into this large flagship sedan. With a top track speed that is electronically limited to 155 mph, the new Audi S8 combines progressive luxury with dynamic performance while honing its reputation as the benchmark for the brand’s engineering efforts with an innovative suspension system and exceptional performance.




Powerful V8 with 563 horsepower

With 563 horsepower, 590lb-ft of torque and two turbochargers the Audi S8 is ready for any on-ramp situation with ease. The automatically actuated flaps in the exhaust system produce a ‘you can’t catch me’ vibrating rumble with every acceleration. That sports car level emotion and performance also has a bit of efficiency thanks to the mild hybrid system (MHEV) working to increase fuel efficiency. Its 48-volt belt alternator starter and the additional lithium-ion battery enable fast restart and an extended start-stop range. The cylinder on-demand system, which deactivates individual cylinders in low-load operating situations, provides for additional efficiency.

From the bold exterior design that boasts to everyone that you choose the performance-oriented Audi S8, to the bold interior it is the sporty character of the S model that makes this car a stands out. Details on the front bumper, side sills, and the exterior mirror housings as well as the two S-typical twin exhaust tailpipes emphasize the car’s sporty and progressive character. On the interior, new and available exclusively in the Audi S8 is an upper inlay is made of Carbon Vector with a special 3D depth effect. Directly below that is an inlay of dark, brushed matt aluminum. Lighting options range up to HD Matrix LED headlights with Audi laser light and OLED rear lights. One fabulous note for us in the US, the Audi S8 is available exclusively as a long-wheelbase model. The increased vehicle length and height means a significant increase in comfort for the occupants’ thanks to the greater head and leg-room over the previous short wheel-base derivative.




Performance Oriented

Long Wheelbase Sedan

Every detail of the new Audi S8 reflects its character as a sporty luxury model. One particular highlight we are loving is the standard comfort contour front seats with distinctive diamond stitch. They feature wide-ranging power adjustment, pneumatically adjustable side bolsters and separate three-stage heating for each seat. Enhancing comfort further, ventilation and massage functions are standard. The rear seats also offer numerous features for outstanding comfort and provide for a first-class atmosphere in the Audi S8.

The star of the new Audi S8 is the fabulous technology experience with new digital state-of-the-art connectivity. The MMI touch response operating concept of the new Audi S8 is fully digital. The driver controls nearly all functions via two large displays. The driver can also use natural speech control, which offers virtually unlimited freedom when formulating questions and commands. The answers are provided either from information stored on board or from the cloud. All driving-relevant displays appear in the Audi virtual cockpit, which can be switched between two views. While the tachometer and speedometer are displayed as large dial-type gages in driving mode, the map is the center of attention in infotainment mode.



exhilarating performance

Both views have S-specific red graphical details. A special S-performance layout for the Audi virtual cockpit where the central focus is the tachometer displayed as a square graph, and the output and torque are shown as percentages can also be selected in the MMI. The standard head-up display can display important information on the windshield. Another note is that the Audi smartphone interface wirelessly brings Apple Car Play and Android Auto on board. High-end components such as the groovy Bang & Olufsen 3D Advanced Sound System and the Audi phone box round out the infotainment lineup in the new S8.

The new Audi S8 is damn impressive with power and dynamics that make it a true sports car-oriented sedan with luxury and performance blend seamlessly to balance your every demand and just between us I hear that there is a Plug-in Hybrid derivative on the way. Audi S8.

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