Kia EV9



Kia EV9

Electrified Sophisticated Elegance

Referring to a Kia as “Sophisticated Elegance” is no longer a matter of positive thinking, but now a reality.. Inspired by Kia’s ‘Opposites United’ design philosophy, combining contrasting qualities of nature and modernity to embrace the future, the EV9 is Kia’s first three-row electric flagship SUV and we love the fresh thinking, design, and forward-thinking electrification technology.


Spending time on the roads of Northern California with our performance-focused GT-Line AWD EV9 was everything, thanks to its 379 hp with an estimated range of 270 miles. There is also a base version, called Light RWD, which is a single-motor, rear-wheel-drive model with an EPA-estimated driving range of 230 miles, Light Long Range RWD version, with an estimated range of 304 miles, as well as a Wind AWD and a Land AWD, both with an estimated range of 280 miles.






Style With Substance

Elegant EV Styling

Kia’s designers have truly excelled in crafting an SUV that boasts an unparalleled visual allure, particularly from the front, distinguished by its simple yet sharply defined lines and body surfaces. The distinctive ‘Digital Pattern Lighting Grille’ and striking vertical headlamps play a pivotal role in enhancing the EV9’s aesthetic, giving rise to the iconic ‘Digital Tiger Face’ that imparts a visionary and futuristic impression.

The EV9 introduces the innovative ‘Star Map LED daytime running lights (DRL),’ ushering in a novel illumination experience. This feature presents a sophisticated animated lighting pattern, poised to become synonymous with Kia’s Digital Tiger Face, setting a precedent for the brand’s forthcoming EV models.

Within the expansive, well-lit cabin, the EV9 encapsulates an elegantly simple and premium-quality design, prioritizing user-friendliness. The spacious, floating panoramic dashboard seamlessly spans from the steering wheel to the center of the vehicle. Enhancing the digital experience, the integration of two 12.3-inch touch screens alongside a 5-inch segment display facilitates effortless control over the vehicle’s functions, minimizing the need for physical buttons.

The Kia EV9 provides a versatile range of seating options tailored to diverse needs. It accommodates both seven-seater and six-seater configurations, offering a total of four second-row seat options. These configurations are designed to adapt to various scenarios, whether it be for commuting, recharging, or relaxation.




Left: A real third row. Right: New first row relaxation seats.



The first row introduces relaxation seats, prioritizing a comfortable resting posture. Moving to the second row, there are four seating options available, encompassing 3-seater bench seats, basic-type seats, relaxation-type seats, and in our test car, the swivel-type two-seater independent seats. This comprehensive array ensures flexibility and comfort for occupants in different situations.


Kia’s innovative approach to redefining the SUV experience introduces a novel concept of luxury accessible to all, attracting a wave of first-time Kia owners. In the realm of luxury SUVs, the EV9 promises to be a standout, offering a distinctive blend of style and performance. Its unique appeal might just inspire a visit to Neiman’s for the perfect shoes to elevate tonight’s ensemble into a fabulously memorable affair.