BMW Vision Neue Klasse



BMW Vision Neue Klasse

A North American Debut


In late 2023, we journeyed to Silicon Valley to partake in the 25-year celebrations of the BMW Group Technology Office USA. The event brimmed with immersive workshops, exclusive technology demonstrations, and an exhilarating mixed reality, multi-sensory driving experience at Levi’s Stadium. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.


The highlight of our experience was witnessing the North American debut of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse design concept, an awe-inspiring moment for all of us. Frank Weber, BMW’s CTO enthusistically stated, “Cutting-edge technological ideas with immense potential, developed in the world’s high-tech epicenter and refined through our global innovation network. This exemplifies the work of our BMW Tech Office in Mountain View. I am eagerly anticipating the visionary impulses our team will continue to generate for our groundbreaking innovations in the future.”


BMW Board Member Frank Weber introduces the Vision Neue Klasse concept car



The Future Is More Electric

 A single glance reveals the clarity, elegance, and timelessness embodied by this concept, gracefully positioned on a novel, fully-electric vehicle architecture that introduces innovative prospects for interior design. Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design, articulates, “The Neue Klasse design is quintessentially BMW, and its progressiveness is so pronounced that it appears as if we have leapfrogged an entire model generation.”




New Era Of Mobility

More Digital & More Circular


Distinctive BMW features, including powerful wheel arches, a retracted greenhouse, and a forward-slanting “shark nose” front end, define the aesthetic appeal of the Neue Klasse. The 21-inch aerodynamic wheels pay homage to the classic cross-spoke design inspired by motorsports. Simultaneously, the nearly monolithic vehicle body, marked by strong indentations at the front and rear, along with expansive window areas, introduces a fresh aesthetic perspective.

Adding a touch of contrast are the black side skirts and bumpers, incorporating a higher percentage of secondary raw materials and streamlined material variety for improved circularity. A refined dismantling concept enhances recyclability, contributing to the sustainability of the Neue Klasse.

This modern interpretation of BMW’s iconic design elements, such as the kidney grille and double headlights, transforms the vehicle into a standout masterpiece rich in digital experiences. It stands as a locally emission-free, circular solution for the long term, ensuring typical BMW driving pleasure for generations to come.