INFINITI Vision Qe Concept

Infiniti's Electric Future
Our First Look

Hats off to Infiniti as they revealed the Vision Qe concept, a fabulous preview of Infiniti’s electrified future. What you see here is a canvas for INFINITI’s unique approach to Artistry in Motion as It blends artistic details with a single fluid design gesture that flows from front to rear. Its sleek, aerodynamic fastback profile exudes a sense of graceful motion.

The design team set out to create a distinctive design that elicits a sense of the extraordinary – or “Kabuku.” In executing its vision, the team sculpted a body that delivers a sense of speed, dynamism, and movement – “Sho” – and embedded exquisite details that exude sophistication and purity – “Sui.” The result is an evocative vision of INFINITI’s all-electric fastback sedan of the future.





Inspired by Modern Japanese Luxury

A Design Statement


As we began to follow the inspiration around Artistry in Motion, we rediscovered the Japanese expression of “Sho,” an expression of soaring grace and power. Our designers began creating forms that, to me, looked like abstractions of a bird in flight – powerful, almost motionless, but generating such speed,” said Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president for Global Design. “The sleek, low profile paired with tapered, yet muscular, rear fenders expresses effortless motion and powerful purpose.”

The INFINITI Vision Qe concept boasts a distinctive finish in a custom Shadow Blue hue. This deep blue base is infused with opulent gold accents, creating a mesmerizing interplay of colors that transform with the shifting play of light and shadow. This exquisite palette harmoniously complements the inviting glow of warm gold illumination. It serves as a potent symbol of what lies ahead, evoking a sense of anticipation and excitement. Brace yourself, for Infiniti is poised to captivate your imagination in ways beyond imagination.