Genesis Neolun Concept


Genesis Neolun Concept

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From Los Angeles, my journey to Genesis House New York began with a very early transcontinental flight to JFK International Airport. Upon arrival, I opted for a Blade helicopter transfer into New York City, ensuring a swift and scenic passage. Following a quick refreshment and a workout session at the Equinox Hotel NYC, I was ready to embark on my next adventure, poised to witness something truly extraordinary.


B-pillarless coach



We got a first look at both the Neolun Concept and the GV60 Magma Concept at Genesis House.  In our opinion, the main event of the evening was the Genesis Neolun Concept which showcases a blend of innovation and luxury, featuring B-pillarless coach doors, seamless design, and radiant heating system inspired by Korea’s traditional “ondol”

The name “Neolun” is derived from the Greek “neo,” or new, and the Latin “luna,” which means moon. Together, it encapsulates Genesis’ technological innovation that exceeds conventional standards and sets forth the brand’s vision for the future.

“The Neolun Concept was inspired by Korea’s iconic moon-shaped porcelain jars,” said Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke. “It’s the epitome of timeless design and sophisticated craftsmanship.”

The Neolun Concept’s exterior revolves around the principle of “reductive design” — characterized by clean, refined lines that deliberately eliminate any unnecessary details. Now inside the cabin represents a modern reinterpretation of Korea’s distinct hospitality culture. From the moment passengers step through the B-pillarless coach doors, they are greeted by a spacious cabin that accentuates comfort and relaxation.