Cadillac LYRIQ



Cadillac LYRIQ

We understand that the green wave of luxury is at its dawn as we pass a smattering of eco-friendly high-designed solar-powered homes dotting the wide open spaces, mountain sides, and deserts in the great state of Utah. The infamous Cadillac quiet, now a hushed EV whisper, accompanies us into the dusk as we marvel at the intuitive design and simple pleasure of abounding luxury inside the cabin. Smart future forecasters and designers at GM recognize the demands and requirements of the next-gen EV drivers. Their understanding of such is evident in their calculated alchemy of style and substance in the new LYRIQ.







With over a 300-mile range with a full charge, the Cadillac LYRIQ is a luxury road trip SUV complete with the ride, or rather rides, you expect from a Cadillac. Your Cadillac experience is customizable as Lyriq has three drive modes, plus customizable options: Tour, Sport, Snow/Ice, and My Mode. We found Sport mode to be the most engaging, responsive, and thrilling on the curvy mountain roads and long highway stretches. Not only does Sport mode tighten the ride and the steering our one-peddle driving became a more aggressive endeavor all while driving up the fun-to-drive factor by multipliers.

Standard 20-inch split six-spoke alloy


LYRIQ represents a clean-sheet design

Powered by the Ultium Battery Platform

“LYRIQ represents a clean-sheet design that sets the standard for the future of Cadillac,” said Andrew Smith, executive director of Cadillac Design. “The objective I gave my team was to design the LYRIQ with the level of detail that they would have in a show car. The customer should feel like they’re driving in the future.”


Once inside you will find a contemporary minimalist interior with tertiary design elements, including intricate laser etched patterns through wood over metal decor, which has never been done in automotive design. A large, curved LED screen is the centerpiece, and all the components are incorporated artfully, blurring the lines of separation among technology, lighting, and decor.

Outside it is all about that fab black crystal grille.“We wanted to give the vehicle a face, making sure it looks distinctly Cadillac,” said Smith. The signature vertical lighting is emphasized with lighting choreography. The exterior lighting also delivers on Cadillac’s promise to feature truly vertical lamps, an industry first and a major technological breakthrough.


The 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ competes with other electric vehicles and this luxurious offering is more than a culmination of a century of innovation at Cadillac, it is the fierce embrace of the next era of luxury combined with cutting-edge technology, on wheels, and with this statement-making car, this Cadillac stands alone. 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ.