Chef and restaurateur Eyal Shani at Shmoné



Shmone' Nights

Chef Eyal Shani Greenwich Village Hotspot.

Followers of great chefs and vibrant Manhattan nights out find that their Uber Black’s are all converging in Greenwich Village at Shmoné. Chef Eyal Shani, of the exalted Miznon, North and Naked Tomato has created Shmoné’ to be a “middle ground between the exuberance of HaSalon and the street food-styled restaurant, Miznon.” The electricity begins at the front door, where you must first raise your voice to check in with the visibly over-engaged host.




Electricty and Absinthe

Seductively Fresh

A cacophony of nearly ceiling-high flames from a daring flambé with arrest your concentration as you weave your way to your seats at the bar overlooking the open kitchen. Amid the delicious mania afore, chefs, sous chefs, cooks, oven hands, and back-of-house gents, are emboldened by their deftness at both the culinary arts and choreography. Electrifying smiles are outwardly served with dishes just created before you. Is it the Absinthe, served from a nearby decanter, or the sheer, raw, enthusiasm around me that is raising my pulse and making each course seem sexier than the dish before? The Middle Eastern, and Israeli-inspired menu changes often and the offerings are outlined with cheeky finesse on the menu.  We suggest getting personal recommendations from the wait staff as they are way cooler than you, and so you should eat what they eat! The wait staff will help you combine courses to accentuate and contrasts flavors, texture, heat, and complexity thus bringing a liveliness to the meal that matches the unbridled energy of a Shmone night! Shmone.