In The Center Of A Beautiful Garden
Thom Brown
SS 22



Thom Browne

Spring Summer 2022

After showing his collections in Paris for several years Thom Browne’s summer 2022 collection was shown in a magical New York grey garden, circa the 1900s, runway presentation. The collections transitioned into three acts reminiscent of the designer’s historical setting while being wildly imaginative, avant-garde, and arrestingly familiar.





In the Batchelor's Garden

How does Browne make men in dresses, tunics, and layers of tulle blend into our psyche with such ease of appreciation? Browne’s remarkable level of craftsmanship, proportion artistry, material selection, and vision, is always presented with unwavering conviction. In this show, men rode penny-farthings and camouflaged models emerged from the sets of the grey gardens. Statues came to life bedecked in crafted flora, and anatomical trompe l’oeil of layers of sculpted tulle added muscle and brawn. Browne is deep within the canon of great American designers, his deep conviction to the historical evolution of fashion is extraordinary. Thom Brown.