Loewe Spring Summer 2022





Loewe Spring Summer 2022

Jonathan Anderson’s collection for Loewe Spring Summer 2022 is a wildly exciting glimpse into the clique of the brilliantly confident. Clothing is nothing more than an extension of their commitment to the ambitious yet casual embrace of expression. Anderson cites his youthful trips to Ibiza and the eye-opening freedom he experienced visiting the famed clubs. Freedoms ran rampant at the raves and the embrace of rebellion; celebration, dancing, sexual freedom, and hedonistic pleasure are post-pandemic necessities to the brilliant powerhouse of the unconventional tribe.



Of The Tribe

By Jonathan Anderson

Cut-out reveals nipples, knees, and pops of neon are Polaroid’s to punk and grunge.
The collection photographed by David Sims features artwork by Florian Krewer. Two artists who create cinematically and collectively the emersion in Anderson’s world of underground confidence and free- expression become a celebration of ambition and daring. Loewe.