Lu’u Dan



Lu'u Dan

By Léa Dickely and Hung La

When fashion designers and cultural creators POV’s, intentionally or unintentionally, microscope issues, identity, long-standing mores, and inequalities a quiet evolution can be ignited. Designers Léa Dickely and Hung La have expanded their universe with the launch of a new line Lu’u Dan. With inspiration from the great style of Asian Gangsters, noir cinema, and street photographers Watanabe Katsumi and George Hashiguchi, the Kwaidan Editions designers have created a more personal line, which places Asian identity at the forefront of their street-wear, masculine collection. In the collection, sold on SSense, Lu’u Dan, which translates to pomegranate bullet, or more loosely a dangerous man, disparate styles including tartan 70’s trouser, pencil faux-leather trouser, red sleazy jumpsuit, and Bontan lounge pants are a metaphor for the facets that define Asian masculinity today. Collectively confidence, brashness, acceptance, and sensitivity unite the pieces in the collection. From tartan, camo, printed knits, a solitary floral shirt, a stunning leopard collage print jeans, and signature t-shirts their menswear is energetic in its expression.




Pomegranate Bullet