Rickie Lee Jones


To see the wondrous Rickie Lee Jones smile is one of life’s greatest pleasure. She smiles often in her video Lonely People from her new 2019 album KICKS. Jones, a singer, songwriter and master musician remarkable body of work has a singular passion that is truthful, generous and emotionally resonant be it joyful or somber. Rickie Lee Jones makes each song she sings her own with her unique and heartfelt interpretations. On her new album KICKS she sings songs from the great American songbook with radio hits from the 1950’s – 1970’s. With a place deep in the heart of her worldwide fans worldwide Jones is embracing her divine gifts with gifts to her fans, and new listeners, with a collection of songs that are affirming, uplifting and smile inducing. With your legion of fans Rickie may I thank you for smiling on us for all these years, and for touching us so deeply when a smile was not at hand. RICKIE LEE JONES.


Photo: Dino Perrucci