Jorja Radiates

'Falling or Flying" by Jorja Smith

Jorja Smith’s latest album, “Falling or Flying,” is a true testament to her unique style and enchanting voice. This sophomore release stays true to her roots in pensive British R&B, delivering another dose of musical magic.

Her voice, always teetering on the edge of emotion, adds unexpected moments of lightness with the occasional giggle. She effortlessly weaves vibrato, jazzy flair, gritty inflections, and delicate pauses into her melodies.

While Smith may be known for her heartrending ballads, this album sees her expertly infusing rhythm, cranking up the emotion by letting the beat lead the way.

The album dives into the core of human desires: love, passion, comfort, understanding, and independence. Smith’s voice skillfully dances between uncertainty and boldness, perfectly mirroring the intricate dance of human relationships. The songs explore both goodbyes and hellos, steering clear of painting partners in black and white, opting for the beautiful shades of gray that real-life connections often possess.

As the album winds down, Smith returns to her ballad roots, reflecting on the natural ebb and flow of relationships. Jorja Smith.

Jorja Smith