Jessie Ware

That! Feels Good

On her latest album, That! Feels Good, diva Jessie Ware opens the club/disco to be more inclusive, shamelessly decadent, glittering, extravagant, and, well… classy. After her 2021 release, What’s Your Pleasure mirror ball shout-outs from Queen B, Dua Lipa, and Kylie M the spinning sounds of disco beats, club anthems, and catchy hooks are reviving our collective spirits and calling for an end of the hate-filled news, with a call to DANCE! If you missed the seventies, the discos were fairy-tale castles, a testament to the pleasure of abandonment, palaces of collective fun, joy, spandex, and sexy dancing. ‘Beautiful people are everywhere’, ‘Shake it to the pearls drop’, ‘That’s the way to make my bottle pop, Ware’s lyrics, capture the ambiance of a great disco. Her powerful and refined vocals, paired with the intelligent, captivating un-cliched arrangements make That! Feels Good, a stellar original retro disco album. One only needs to watch a few of Ware’s great music videos to see her confident and cheeky humor. Ware’s smile is endearing. She can serve up the glamour with ease and full embrace of her divine gay fans. Ware is a class act. Jessie Ware.