Janelle Monáe

The Age of Pleasure

Android no more, Grammy winner Janelle Monáe’s fourth studio, The Age of Pleasure, album marks a revelatory rebirth for this multi-talented artist and actor. Shedding her alter egos and previous personas, she embraces the newfound freedom to explore, express, and design her destiny. In this collection of songs, Janelle Monáe truly comes into her own, exuding confidence and energy that is unmistakable.
Gone are any traces of tentativeness; instead, the album exudes a sense of pure pleasure and liberation. Janelle Monáe fearlessly delves into themes of guilt-free love, celebratory moments with friends, and the exuberance of life. Throughout the album, you can detect an eclectic blend of influences ranging from the spirited sounds of Grace Jones and Amaarae to the captivating rhythms of afro-futuristic, reggae, Caribbean, and Jamaican dance hall music.
This confessional work is unbridled and sonically intriguing, weaving together a tapestry of emotions and experiences. With each track, Janelle Monáe proves her artistic prowess and leaves listeners captivated by her authenticity and sonic exploration.