Jessie Ware

Save A Kiss

Jessie Ware is encouraging us all to get back on the dance floor! With the release of the ‘shot during isolation’ video for “Save and Kiss” from her latest LP ‘What’s Your Pleasure’, it is irresistible advice, especially when listening to this track. On this, her fourth LP Ware returns to more cutting-edge dance music, similar to that of her debut LP in 2014. The infectious, creative, and engaging dance beats are complimented by Ware’s strong and silky vocals. ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ is a bounty of dance bops, a plush velour suit of ear candy, and a spinning disco ball of fun and it is endearing to see Ware having such a blast and inviting us all to the party. Jessie Ware.

What’s Your Pleasure will be released worldwide on 6/26/2020