Paramore - This Is Why


This Is Why

Paramore makes their anticipated return after 6 years with “This Is Why”, a 10 track album in response to society’s new normal. It opens with the lead single of the same name, a catchy pop punk anthem calling out the uncertainty and frustration of trying to get back into routine. The following song “The News” extends that angsty train of thought, this time trying to find the balance of addressing conflict in the media and the mind. Lead singer Hayley Williams continues to mature vocally and the production follows suit, most notably in the alternative ballad “Liar”. Paramore’s sixth studio album feels like a homecoming to longtime fans but draws attention from new listeners with its relatable and punctuated lyrics. In a short 36 minutes the Tennessee band updates their discography with songs made for both an exciting live performance and a vulnerable diary entry. Paramore.

By Ylenia E-P


Hayley Williams