Lucid Air


Lucid Air

Believe The Hype

We were struck with wonder when, not long ago, we took part in Lucid Studio’s opening event in the heart of NYC’s Meatpacking District. Wondering if this location, amongst the best shops and dining in the city, was the ideal location for a new car company? After touring the chic New York loft-style Lucid Studio with Derek Jenkins, Senior VP of Design and Brand at Lucid Motors, it became clear, that Lucid is onto something big.





Say Goodbye to Traditional Opulence

More recently, after spending time at Lucid’s HQ just outside of San Francisco and having the opportunity to drive a Lucid around the curvy roads of Northern California, I understood the hype being generated by Lucid’s every expansion and press release to all be true. With their design proponents of less is more and streamlined luxury design philosophy Lucid’s elegant design refrain is thunderously complimented by Lucid’s Star Trek light years ahead technology. Lucid popped into the luxury electric car at warp speed and with their savvy marketing, it seems their intentions are market domination.

Enviably Lucid already has the longest-range, fastest-charging electric car on the market, and the Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance, sporting a 1,050 horsepower dual-motor, is the most powerful electric vehicle currently available in North America.

The Lucid Air is inspired by the natural beauty of California with design features that capture the laid back low-key-chic lifestyle. Colors, materials, and tones draw inspiration from particular parts of the state at a specific time of day. The Lucid Air represents a true luxury EV that is already breaking boundaries in range and power thanks to its power train technology, motors, and transmissions. The design of Lucid Air completely rethinks the shape, proportions, and dimensions of a luxury ride, both on the exterior and the interior.






500+ miles per charge

1,000+ max horsepower

Once inside the forward design Lucid Air, features two primary touch-control displays and a high-resolution curved instrument display that Lucid calls the Glass Cockpit and the Pilot Panel. A centrally located lower console display that retracts to reveal storage space. The colors, materials, and surfaces are natural-looking, with no shiny chrome. It’s what Lucid designers call a “post luxury” design that’s aimed at a new type of buyer, focused more on sustainability and emotional engagement than old-school traditional opulence.

With about 520 miles of EPA-estimated all-electric range depending on the model, the Lucid Air is a fantastical machine from an impressive new car company. Patience is in order. Lucid is in great demand but just like anything and everything in life that is great, Lucid with worth the wait to own.