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Hummer EV SUV

Fantastic off-road proportions

After the last few years, and the dramatic adjustment of our lifestyles, ‘me time’, ‘we-time’, and family time are priorities for many. For those that have one eye on off-road adventures and the other eye on full-on luxury, the 100% electric Hummer EV SUV is the ideal ride and the perfect weekend escape pod.



“GMC’s HUMMER EV SUV offers an exceptional balance of on-road performance and off-road capability, enhanced by a unique structure that allows for our signature open-air experience,” said Al Oppenheiser, HUMMER EV chief engineer. “New features debuting on the SUV reinforce its role as a tactical tool in almost any situation.”


We fell in love with the electric HUMMER brand back on the first drive of the HUMMER EV Pick Up and once again on the beaches of East Hampton and was so looking for to the SUV that is loaded with smart, purposeful technology.




Great degree of customizatio

Remarkable driving capabilities


The HUMMER EV SUV is driven by GM’s Ultium Platform and our test ride was fitted with the exclusive Edition 1 package in Moonshot Green Matte. That is also available with or without the Extreme Off-Road Package. This shorter wheelbase than the HUMMER EV Pickup, the all-new HUMMER EV SUV offers even greater maneuverability, with expected best-in-class off-road proportions and a turning circle of only 35.4 feet with 4 Wheel Steer.

Without the constraints of a gas engine, you have all kinds of power and control available to each wheel. The Ultium drive system can channel power to a single wheel, keeping the vehicle moving in some of the toughest driving conditions and terrain — including 13 inches of suspension travel, climbing 60 percent grades (forward and reverse), scaling 18-inch verticals and fording water more than 2 feet deep. Standard features on 2X, 3X, and Edition 1 models include 4 Wheel Steer with CrabWalk3, which allows diagonal-drive functionality, as well as Adaptive Air Suspension with Extract Mode4 and 22-inch wheels with 35-inch-OD Goodyear all-terrain tires. Standard on 3X and Edition 1 is e4WD with torque vectoring.



4 Wheel Steering



This electric SUV was just a remarkable driving experience that blended engaging technologies and a carefully crafted user experience, creating a sense of intensity and drama for everyone within the cabin, while features such as the standard Infinity Roof and modular Sky Panels create an open experience, allowing us to enjoy HUMMER EV’s nearly silent movement during outdoor road test adventure.






Removable Sky Panels