Tundra 1794 Edition


Tundra 1794 Edition By Toyota

Named as a reference to the factory in San Antonio, Texas, where the truck is built and before the plant existed, the site was previously a ranch that first opened in 1794.
With a fantastic nod to the past, the 2022 1794 edition with special badging and 1794-exclusive wood trim is a truck for those who want the luxury of a full-size SUV while retaining the ability to carry everything and do everything that a truck can do.


“Our design goal from the beginning was to create the most powerful, rugged and sophisticated looking full-size pickup that will take Tundra to a whole new level,” said Kevin Hunter, president of Calty Design Research. “Because recreation and an outdoor lifestyle are at the core of Toyota truck identity, we set out to create a muscular, chiseled and athletic design that also looks like it could handle the toughest towing demands.”


The new Tundra was developed by Toyota Motor Corporation’s North American design studio, Calty Design Research, in Newport Beach, California, and Ann Arbor, Michigan. While engineers focused on key performance ingredients for the new Tundra, Calty designers worked to create the visual exemplification of toughness and capability. “Technical muscle” was a design mantra for the team, as it capitalized on the modern features of the all-new truck while retaining a nod to the outdoor lifestyle at the core of Tundra owners and in the case of 1794 for those also looking for true luxury.





Bold 1794 Design

1794-exclusive wood trim

With an interior that screams luxury with a horizontal layout theme as a departure from the vertical layout on most other trucks in the market. This complemented the design goal to integrate the instrument panel and center stack to flow with the interior layout. Premium materials were also a must for a truck with a strong pedigree like 1794 especially in high-contact areas, which is why wrapped armrests, pads across the dash, door, and other areas are employed on most trims and that exclusive wood trim is everything.






Premium Towing Machine

Tundra is also the first Toyota to welcome the all-new Audio Multimedia system designed and engineered by Toyota’s Texas-based Connected Technologies team. The system operates on Tundra models via newly designed touch screens and features an all-new Human Machine Interface (HMI). The advanced HMI delivers improved interaction through sight, touch, and voice activation. Out 1794 had a centrally located 14-inch touchscreen with improved screen resolutions for high-quality, crisp visuals. It also includes more responsive touch functionality that is more familiar to consumers like the pinch and zoom functions we experience on our phones and tablets. Certain to be a favorite among gloved Tundra passengers, the new system still uses a large, easy-to-grip dial for audio volume. The new system also offers standard wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto compatibility. From the virtual Intelligent Assistant that provides an easy-to-use virtual companion that is more advanced and personalized than ever before to a fab cloud-based native navigation system, that makes this 1794 always road-trip-ready.




Premium Towing Machine

Power extending and folding tow mirrors

With a 12,000-pound max tow rating and two new Tow/Haul modes, you are so ready to tow trailers or larger boats. Now for towing it is all about Panoramic View Monitor (PVM), which uses cameras to display a top-down view of the truck on our 14-inch monitor for added visibility. Views include the rear truck bed to check on cargo, a rear split view to show what’s nearby on each side of the trailer, and a hitch view to assist with trailer connecting add in the new power extending and folding tow mirrors offer an improved view of whatever you’re trailering and your ready. 1794 is not only for that truck person that wants a premium luxury SUV and the usable DNA of a truck.