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Toyota Prius Just Sexy

The Hybrid Reborn

We never thought we would ever call a Prius sexy, but we did, and it is well deserved. With its new sporty style coupe-inspired shape, sleek silhouette, low roof line, smooth body panels, and widened rear,  this car’s bold contemporary drama is a true stand-out.

With the Toyota design team on a roll with Crown,  bZ4X, GR Corolla, and the 3 rows of style Sequoia-Capstone Edition, there is no question that Toyota is bringing all kinds of head-turning style to roads for 2023 and backing that up with safety and the latest technology.

Re-imagined interior

Available in LE, XLE, and Limited


Sleek Silhouette
clean modern design


The reliability, efficiency, and technology that Prius is known for all remain yet the new Prius is completely transformed from the exterior design, a fantastic interior, and a crazy new hybrid power train with a new modern interior.

For 2023 Toyota gave the new Prius a larger 2.0L engine and a revised hybrid system that brings over 60% more combined system horsepower. For this new generation of Prius, output climbs to 196 net hp on AWD-equipped models, increased from 121 hp in the prior generation, and 194 net hp on FWD-equipped models, previously 121 hp.

Designed in Japan, the all-new Prius offers a style that is modern, progressive, and smart from the inside out. This time it lowers the roof line 2 inches from the prior generation, for a more athletic look. Moving to the rear of the vehicle it is nearly 1 inch wider and the larger wheels available on XLE and Limited result in sport-inspired proportions that offer drivers added performance and handling. Coupled with the larger wheels are 11-inch brake rotors on the front and rear, adding one inch to the prior generation model. 


With an interior that is all about modern design and a new multi-information display that is mounted directly in front of the driver to help keep eyes on the road and a standard 8-inch or available 12.3-inch multimedia touchscreen is mounted within easy reach, the Prius is every bit a sexy ride inside and out. For those who don’t know the Prius of the past welcome to the future of driving and for those who are familiar with the Prius of the past, this new one is just going to wow you.


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