SAFARI by Arsham Studio with Stone Island



The Ultimate Project

A Fantastic Collab

Daniel Arsham and fashion brand Stone Island came together to customize a Porsche 930 and a Unimog 404 for all-terrain purposes, using reimagined heritage Stone Island fabrics.


Arsham’s Safari was built by Leh Keen, using a 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo as the base and then customized to be suitable for off-road use, using many original pieces from the ‘70s and ‘80s. The Safari car was modified to proper rally-car specs. An external light pod on the front hood, additional bumpers on front and rear with an accompanying skid plate running the length of the underside of the car, all on off-road tires and heightened suspension, makes it ready for any environment under any condition.
Arsham also reimagined a Unimog U404 to go alongside the Safari as a recovery vehicle of sorts. The Unimog features bespoke Stone Island Tela Stella in custom drab green to cover the bed of the truck.






SAFARI by Arsham Studio with Stone Island

A 10-minute short film narrated by Daniel Arsham with Leh Keen and directed by Jeremy Elkin tells the story of the restoration process of the Porsche 930 and Unimog 404, from the careful assembly of the vehicles in New York and Atlanta to the breathtaking views in the California desert.

Photo by James Law Photo and Qendrim Hoti



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