The New Jaguar F-Pace

Photographed exclusively for by David Lewis Taylor


Intuitive technology


The New Jaguar F-Pace

Proof That Bolder Is Better

The Jaguar F-Pace is a proven winner. This extremely popular Jaguar SUV has enticed a whole new group of future owners into the Jaguar showrooms including many first time Jag owners.

It is not an easy task to take something beloved and make it better, but Jaguar did just that. Like the classic design of a North Of Grey bag and the branding innovations and style latest from the Burberry men’s collection, the design team at Jaguar managed to exemplify even more DNA of the F-Type into their style vision of this, the latest.


“The new F-PACE is dynamic and assertive with an elegant stance on the road – it represents a significant development of Jaguar design language,” said Julian Thomson, Jaguar Design Director. “The heightened luxury and attention to detail inside the F-PACE with seamlessly integrated state-of-the-art technologies ensure both driver and passengers feel a real sense of occasion whenever they get in the vehicle.

This new Jaguar features a large number of exterior enhancements, producing a more dynamic and luxurious appearance for the performance SUV. From slim, all-LED quad headlights with “Double J Blade” daytime running light signatures flank the enlarged grille that features the heritage Jaguar logo-inspired ‘diamond’ detailing to that sculpted hood with precisely defined surfaces makes the new F-Pace just striking.




Once inside the new F-Pace, the fabulous integration of technology and style, with a new cockpit design places greater focus on the driver, offering enhanced connectivity as well as greater serenity and refinement.

new hood design

“Our goal for the interior of the new F-PACE was to push it to the next level of luxury and tactility with new technologies integrated seamlessly,” said Alister Whelan, Interior Design Director, Jaguar. “We have reviewed every element of the interior and applied a heightened attention to detail to make this a more refined and luxurious environment for both drivers and passengers.”

dynamic and assertive

At the heart of the interior of F-PACE is a centrally mounted, 11.4-inch curved-glass HD touchscreen cased in elegant magnesium alloy, which controls the intuitive Pivi Pro infotainment system. The central screen, which is three times brighter and 48 percent larger than the previous 10-inch screen.


New interior features


Dynamic and assertive

The F-Pace we been waiting for

Our test car had the available 12.3-inch HD Interactive Driver Display with enhanced graphics and a configurable layout for full-screen navigation mapping with turn-by-turn instructions, digital dials, media, contact list or infotainment details it also had a full-screen 3D mapping with additional overlays for elements ranging from turn-by-turn instructions to compass bearings and places of interest. Working in conjunction with the latest optional Head-up Display technology.

But it was the pen-pore wood veneers and aluminum, feature in beautifully formed shapes such as the upper door insert and full width ‘Piano lid’ that is formed across the width of the instrument panel. Laser-etched mid-line speaker frets and the metallic rotary dial of the Jaguar Drive Control epitomize meticulous detailing. The Drive Selector is a beautiful detail inspired by British craftsmanship, with an upper section finished with ‘cricket ball stitching and the lower section composed of precision-engineered metal for enhanced tactility. Premium materials create a more striking cabin and enhance the sense of comfort, space, and refinement. Soft-touch materials have been used more extensively with the instrument panel topper, door armrests, console sides, and door bins all wrapped for increased tactility and our R-Dynamic interior specification gave us a more dynamic appearance across the cabin.

More than just a looker the new F-Pace is that true Jaguar we have all been waiting for. New Jaguar F-Pace.

Photography: David Lewis Taylor.