The New Bentley Bentayga

handcrafted in Crewe, England


The New Bentayga

Modern and Beautiful By Bentley

Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bentley Motors, may have said it best “From its moment of launch nearly five years ago, the Bentayga has been the very definition of the luxury SUV. Like the Continental GT, the Bentayga created an entirely new part of the market, and since we set the benchmark many others have joined the sector, but no other car can offer a breadth of ability to rival the Bentayga.”




Imposing Style & exquisite Presence


You have to remember that it was the Bentayga that established the super-luxury SUV market segment by creating an SUV with the ultimate in power, luxury, comfort, usability, and status. Designed, engineered, and handcrafted in Crewe, England, this fabulous new Bentayga builds further on the outstanding success of its predecessor keeping abreast of technological and performance industry milestones and incorporating them into this new jewel

Beyond being an eye-catcher and breath-taker the Bentayga’s innate style and prestige make this object of desire the flight of fantasy to many. From dropping your kids off at school, collecting essentials at Target, retrieving your new shoes curbside at Gucci, or driving the long way to work, the Bentley Bentayga is youthful in its vigor. Go anywhere, do anything, and enjoy the freedom to enjoy a lifestyle that reflects the voice of the young in this strikingly dynamic new Bentayga – a true trendsetting paragon of British style.

The new Bentayga draws inspiration from Bentley’s new design language, introduced by the third-generation Continental GT and all-new Flying Spur. Together all three cars form a new family that is more visually connected than ever before. The larger, assertive matrix grille is now more upright, while new, intelligent LED matrix headlamp technology includes the signature Bentley design inspired by cut crystal glassware. A more aggressive front bumper shows off the new performance characteristics of this SUV. Heated, wet-arm windscreen wipers are introduced and complete with 22 washer jets in each arm.


More Spacious for passengers.


the pinnacle

of the luxury SUV sector

At the Bentayga’s back are the major transformations. The total redesign of the rear surfaces includes a new full-width tailgate with new encapsulated lamps. To add to the streamlined refinement the plate has been moved down into the bumper and the wide split tailpipes leave no doubt that this is a powerful performance car.




A grand touring experience that is unrestricted by terrain

Inside one enters a fabulous world-of-style and technology with the significantly revised interior adding to the posh factor. The new center fascia and steering wheel, bring an air of exclusivity to the driver while the new door trims, all-new seats with ventilation in the rear of the five-seat cabin option, and more rear space all enhance, with such luxurious appointments, the passenger’s experience.

The next-generation infotainment system that is integrated seamlessly into the handcrafted, Bentley ‘wing’ dashboard design and features a 10.9-inch display. You can also chic-up your interior with the application of dark tint diamond brushed aluminum trim for the first time in a Bentley, as well as two straight-grained veneers new to Bentayga: Koa and Crown Cut Walnut. Mulliner Driving Specification adds a new quilting design, and micro piping detailing that is a stunning new option for the seats. We will be spending time with the new Bentayga soon and will bring you a full feature of a weekend in the life of that new Bentley Bentayga owner.

New Bentayga

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