Amiri Spring Summer 2020




Peace Love and Amiri

The Amiri Spring Summer 2020 Collection

Freedom was rambunctious in the summer of 1969 and the burgeoning counter culture style revolution was a beautiful expression of individuality. With luxurious trappings, designer Mike Amiri commits his spring-summer 2020 collection to the freedom of the California and Woodstock rock and roll lifestyle. This boho-hippy collection, nearly psychedelic to imagine in today’s environment, is a mélange of updated earth tones, pastel colors, craft, and exquisite bags. Velvet and suede pants are tailored super slim and flared at the ankle; shirts and long jackets are cut to nearly fall off a shoulder with ease. A seventies staple, the mesh shirt reappears and it looks rather sexy after years of buttoned-up style trends. The collection’s rock roll references include a guitar strap trompe l’oeil on the jackets and images of Jimi Hendrix hand-airbrushed on outerwear. Tie-dye and fine leather compliment each other, especially when mixed beatnik belts and love beads – and don’t forget an exotic leather jacket and bag to finish your luxe-hippy vibe. Amiri.