Sea to Seat @ Showfish


Showfish Montauk and Mount Gay

As we get ready for the summer of 2024, we look back at the end of the season of 2023 with that unforgettable weekend retreat at the Montauk Yacht Club, culminating in a breathtaking ‘Sea To Seat’ at Dinner, at Showfish, curated around the exquisite Mount Gay Barbados Rum. This sustainable autumn banquet unveiled a selection of tantalizing dishes, expertly prepared to pay homage to those devoted to safeguarding our precious waters.
Basking in the cozy glow of the fireside, we delighted in a bespoke cocktail featuring Mount Gay Eclipse, harmoniously blended with persimmon, vanilla soda, and lime. Engaging conversations flowed with newfound friends, as we exchanged stories of the invigorating October day in Montauk. Some of us fondly reminisced about our earlier rendezvous aboard the all-electric powered X-Shore boat, a delightful offering from the Montauk Yacht Club.



Sea To Seat Dinner

Seated at a majestic table, we relished in a succession of delectable courses, each showcasing its symphony of flavors. From the lively spices to the invigorating sea brine, and the captivating influence of Indian cuisine, each dish was a culinary masterpiece. Every course was meticulously complemented with cocktails featuring Mount Gay Eclipse, Back Barrel, or XO rums. Each libation, whether savory or sweet, served to accentuate and elevate the intricate and refined courses.
As the evening crescendoed, a Mount Gay XO, espresso, and coffee liqueur concoction provided an exquisite finale, perfectly complementing the indulgent banana custard and dulce de leche donut, crowned with a touch of savory pork sung. It was a fitting conclusion to a night of culinary splendor and camaraderie, leaving us with memories to savor long after the evening’s end.




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