Tarra Rosenbaum


Tarra Rosenbaum

The Egyptian Collection

Photography: David Lewis Taylor

For Valentine”s Day 2023 a gift to remember.

Tarra Rosenbaum’s jewelry artistry is a seamless fusion of fine art and scientific expertise, transcending mere adornment to create cherished heirlooms. Each piece intricately weaves the narratives of her clients into its fabric, imparting a personalized touch.

Inspired by the timeless allure of nature and the inherent qualities of precious gems and metals, Tarra’s creations radiate exquisite vibrancy, joy, and a profound sense of wonder. The transcendent beauty of her hand-crafted jewels reflects a serene quality that enhances their enduring elegance, inviting wearers into a realm of refined sophistication.

The Gods Collection, a magnum opus, embodies Tarra’s design philosophy, celebrating symbolism, history, sentiment, and beauty. Expertly crafted through hand-carved wax and adorned with vibrant faience, each piece is a canvas where history and color converge harmoniously.

At the heart of the collection is Tarra’s deep appreciation for precious gems, selected with discerning care to enhance each piece’s narrative. These talismanic treasures transcend time, drawing inspiration from ancient symbols for protection, guidance, and inspiration but imbued with contemporary relevance.



Symbolism, Talisman, Rebirth, Strength

The meticulous marriage of artistry and craftsmanship defines The Gods Collection, with pieces cast from hand-carved wax, rendered in silver or gold, and enriched by handmade elements. The central jewels, two rings featuring radiant citrine set in 18 ct yellow gold, symbolize sunrise and sunset, surrounded by a geometric corona of multi-hued enamel—a dance of protection and beacons of light along a metaphorical path of rebirth.

These rings transcend mere adornment, encapsulating the cyclical nature of existence and offering wearers a tangible connection to the enduring beauty of tradition and personal narrative. The Gods Collection, through its exceptional pieces, beckons as an invitation to adorn oneself with the essence of celestial beauty—a cosmic dance that has captivated the human imagination for centuries. Tarra Rosenbaum.