Porsche 911
Reimagined by Singer



Road Or Track

Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer

Car enthusiasts are a special breed, and when pushed to the extreme, if they can not find what they seek, they build it. Such is the Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer. To get your hands on a Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer is not as easy as calling your car guy, but driving on with reap rewards beyond your dreams.

Singer’s latest restoration services are offered to enthusiast owners of Type 964 air-cooled 911, and in response to requests from clients, Singer has evolved the Dynamics & Lightweighting Study (DLS) to incorporate turbocharging (DLS Turbo). These latest restoration and modification services result in the Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer DLS Turbo.




Luxury Through Choice

Singer Designs To Delight

Once you shop the open market and find yourself a Type 964 Porsche 911 send it over to the team at Singer with the request to carry out a personalized restoration.

While at Singer your car is carefully disassembled, the interior is removed, as is the exterior bodywork and all mechanical components, until the chassis is revealed. The chassis is painstakingly assessed, cleaned, strengthened, and prepared so that it is in optimal condition for the next stages of restoration.

A modified carbon fiber bodywork is used to reduce weight and increase stiffness. The shape of the carbon fiber bodywork is influenced by computational fluid dynamics analysis to optimize aerodynamic performance. A central front intake and hood vent optimize cooling performance, while rear fender intakes and NACA ducts aid brake and turbocharger cooling.

You can have your restoration be track-focused, while others prefer a road-focused restoration. The track-focused car on this page in Blood Orange has been specified by its owner to emphasize track performance, featuring a high-downforce rear wing with an adjustable upper element and a track-oriented front fascia with a larger splitter.

Our favorite model that fits the needs of most owners is the road car in Moet Blanc has been specified by its owner to be road-focused, including an aero-optimized rear ducktail spoiler and road-oriented front fascia which reduce drag.




The Track-Focused Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer



Rob Dickinson, Executive Chairman and Founder, of Singer Group, Inc. explains:
“I was 12 when my father’s friend showed us his Super 8 film of the 1977 Watkins Glen 6 Hours. As the familiar face of a Porsche 911 morphed into impossibly boxed hips, gaping intakes, and a giant double-planed rear wing, I can still remember the shock and the realization that this was the other life of the 911 – the racing car. Since Singer began, I’ve wanted to return to that moment, collaborate with our clients and celebrate that car – the 934/5.”




All In A Pursuit Of Perfection