Memmo Príncipe Real



Memmo Principle Real

For our spring 2024 “must-stay” feature, we set our sights on one of Lisbon’s most esteemed and exquisitely stylish hotels. However, it was upon our arrival that the driver, with a hint of caution, skillfully navigated through the chic shops, storefronts, and trendy restaurants to locate the almost concealed tunnel entrance leading to the Memmo Principle Real. This tunnel, followed by a steep descent, was the gateway to our Lisbon adventure.

Emerging on the other side, the captivating city of Lisbon stretched out before us. The Memmo Principle Real stands as a magnificent testament to modernist design, conceived by the visionary architect Samuel Torres de Carvalho. Nestled on a hillside, the hotel offers a panoramic view of red-tiled roofs and the charming city below. It proudly claims the title of the first five-star luxury boutique hotel in the thriving heart of Lisbon’s trendiest district, the Principle Real.

Crafted to highlight the breathtaking vistas of Lisbon, the interiors seamlessly blend timeless materials with the allure of the nearby regal mansions, all infused with a touch of modern classic style. Limestone, marble, and oak grace the public spaces and guestrooms, infusing them with a warm elegance. The wooden walls on the reception floor, housing the Café Principle Real and the Cocktail Bar, along with the slatted dividers in the guest rooms, exude a refined charm. The guest rooms themselves are a haven of indulgence, enhanced by the exclusive Hermes amenities that elevate your stay.

With a modest 41 rooms, the Memmo Principle Real offers an air of exclusivity without an air of exclusiveness. The staff’s attentiveness is tailored to each guest, ensuring a personalized experience that leaves a lasting impression.





Cosmopolitan Luxury In Lisbon

Dining solo at Café Principle Real proved to be an absolute delight. I was seated at a cozy corner table with a perfect view overlooking the entire dining room. The patrons, a mix of locals and fellow travelers, exuded a level of sophistication and style that rivaled the distant city lights. Dinner unfolded as an elegant affair, guided by the culinary prowess of Chef Vasco Lello. His ‘world cuisine’ concept, drawing inspiration from Portuguese influences spanning the globe, artfully combined flavors and ingredients from Brazil, Africa, and Asia with local elements and traditional dishes, resulting in a menu of intriguing modern creations. The thoughtful pairing of each course with a selection of Portuguese wines further immersed me in the rich tapestry of local culture.

As evening descended, the dining room transformed, illuminated by a cascade of hanging lights that cast a captivating shimmer. By day, the panoramic view beckoned, inviting exploration of all that Lisbon has to offer. Breakfast at the café was a true highlight. The three-tiered bread and pastry service exuded opulence, and both the made-to-order items and the buffet were equally refined.

The Memmo Principle Real is all about those special, personal touches. Each evening at 5 p.m., an exclusive walking tour of the neighborhood invites guests to delve deeper into the local charm. Upon entering my room, I received a warm suggestion to opt for lime as a garnish for the complimentary Porto Tonic Café Colonial, and it turned out to be very sage advice.

Memmo Principle Real.

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Stunning and historic parks are nearby, all offering views over the rolling hillsides of Lisbon.



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