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Lincoln Aviator

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Lincoln has become the vanguard in matching the high luxury and leading technology with each of their evolutionary new editions. Starting with the Continental and then the full-size 3-row navigator, Lincoln’s rebirth of innovative style is outpacing expectations of the most discerning drivers. For those that prefer something smaller than the Navigator, albeit as nimble as the 4-door Continental, Lincoln has introduced the stunning Aviator. Joining the impressive line of Lincolns, the Aviator offers 3rd-row seating, that will stows away cleanly if it is not needed, and a full complement of technology on par with that found on 3-star SUV from Germany. You could easily call the Aviator the best SUV among its similar luxury-class competitors. It is designed for both drivers and passengers that relish in the numerous comforts. Stylishly impressive, the Aviator’s interior is intuitive and full of perfectly placed controls and unexpectedly pampering flourishes. The capable Aviator handles all-weather driving conditions with ease and is designed for towing your boat to your lake house… We experienced all things Aviator on the ultimate road trip thought California’s Napa Valley. The challenges include every road condition imaginable – from curvy country roads, hilly highways, narrow and muddy gravel entrances to wineries and congestion driving at the valet stations of some of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants, often with 7 passengers filling the 3-row seating.




Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview

  The Aviator’s technological enhancements are best experienced from the driver’s seat, and many from the passenger’s seat as well. Of note, the digital head-up display, and dash display that are succinct and aesthetically pleasing. The Adaptive Pixel Headlamps comes standard with a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 gas engine and the hybrid Grand Touring marks the first time Lincoln has combined a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine with advanced electrified hybrid technology that produces smooth performance and instantaneous torque. Accelerating on highway on-ramps will give you a great rush and sense of ease that your merging will seamless. The Aviator’s standard twin-turbocharged engine is paired with a new 10-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission that gives you an impressive 400 horsepower and 415 ft.-lbs. of torque while the Aviator Grand Touring’s twin-turbocharged engine with its advanced electrified technology brings you a fabulous 494 combined horsepower that is best-in-class. You will grin with delight when you pass those Mercedes while driving effortlessly going uphill. With Aviator Grand Touring, we are aiming to set the bar for luxury SUVs,” says John Davis, chief program engineer, The Lincoln Motor Company. “It offers a sanctuary-like cabin and signature drive feel that is uniquely Lincoln.” The Grand Touring can travel about 20 miles on pure electric before the gas motor licks in which is great for running around town. While tooling around the roads of Napa we loved Lincoln-first Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview that made it’s a debut in the all-new Aviator. “The system in Aviator is so advanced that its sensors speed-read the road ahead and adjust the system faster than a blink of an eye, with more than 23,000 inputs of data per second,” says David Russell, vehicle dynamics technical specialist, The Lincoln Motor Company.


available Air Glide Suspension automatically lowers the vehicle to greet the driver


effortless power and capability

Drivers will no longer have to worry about potholes or the cobblestone streets of New York City’s Meatpacking District and with the ability to choose from Lincoln’s standard driving modes including Normal, Conserve, Excite Slippery and Deep Conditions. Driving is easily won when competing against the elements in a Lincon. The theme of flight inspired the exterior design of the Aviator. Resembling a distinct private jet the Aviator features a strong front and rear tapering. A signature Black Label grille is executed in high-gloss black and chrome accents that beckon the eye, while the appearance of a wraparound windshield completes the aviation-inspired theme. The 2020 Aviator Black Label features several unique elements, including a reverse lattice mesh with a repetitive pattern of strong, bright-finished badge motifs. The signature grille for Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring Black Label features unique Lincoln stars embedded within the quadrants in an elegant chrome finish quadrants to signify the hybrid power train. Signature grilles for Aviator Black Label themes feature a protruding star pattern in a bright chrome finish, while the grille for Aviator Grand Touring disperses the star pattern in varying sizes from the center with a satin finish. The Black Label version offers three interior design themes, Chalet, Destination, and Flight. Our Black Label photo and test cars were finished with the Chalet option which combines off-white Lincoln-star-perforated leather with dark brown accents and Silverwood trim. Inside the spacious cabin, we fell in love with our available Revel® Ultima 3D Audio System that re-creates an authentic concert-hall experience by immersing us in the 28 speakers throughout the cabin. The Aviator is sitting at a level of luxury and substance that other companies are striving to match in the mid-size luxury SUV market and Lincoln has set the bar very high. Lincoln Aviator. Aviator photos By Kyle Edward.

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Kemal Curic Design Director for The Lincoln Motor Company, responsible for leading the long-term vision of this stylish luxury brand.


Aviator offers a compelling combination of performance, capability and choice